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Kenai- Bishop Creek/Stormy Lake Birding Walk

Bishop Creek/ Stormy Lake Walk 8:00 – 10:00 AM – Approximately 20 miles N of Kenai on North Kenai Rd. Park and meet at Bishop Creek State Park parking area(do not pay the 5 dollar parking fee before talking to the bird guides).   Easy 0.75 mile round trip walk through brushy forest to Cook Inlet shore.  If time permits a second walk to Stormy Lake boat launch will take place.  Blackpoll and Yellow Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, Brown Creepers, Semipalmated sandpipers, and Swainson ’s thrush possible. Recognition of bird songs and calls emphasized. Led by George and Bev Kirsch.


1.     It can be chilly on some of the mornings so dress warmly.

2.     Try to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier than posted walk times.

  1. No binoculars?  No problem.  There will be lots of gear to share with new birders.  .

  2. For more details call 262-7767 or go to the Kenai Peninsula Birding Festival Facebook Page

  3. Insects can be an issue some years so bring insect repellent and/or head nets..