Founded by Alaskans in 1978, we give voice to Alaska’s wildlife, promoting an ecosystem approach to management from the ground up.

Our Mission

We are committed to the protection of Alaska’s natural wildlife for its intrinsic value, as well as for the benefit of present and future generations. We advocate for healthy ecosystems which are ethically and scientifically managed. We promote:

  • Sustainable populations of all wildlife species in Alaska, including wolves, bears, moose and caribou.

  • Balanced wildlife management, based on sound science and strong ethical/fair chase standards.

  • Expansion of sustainable and diverse wildlife viewing opportunities.

  • Protection and recovery of Alaska’s endangered species, such as Steller sea lions (western distinct population segment) and Cook Inlet beluga whales.

  • Healthy coexistence between wildlife and humans in urban and rural communities.

  • Preservation of important wildlife habitat throughout Alaska.

  • Educational programs with a focus on preserving Alaska’s wildlife and wild places.

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In Alaska, people truly get to experience the last frontier— the last great American wilderness. Unlike so many other landscapes exploited by development, Alaska is still wild, still home to some of the most unique wildlife species in the world. I am proud to live in a place where I can hear the howls of wolves— this is what makes Alaska home, this is worth protecting.
— Ed Schmitt, President of the Board